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Senator Hall and Dr. Shu tried to break Haven with their illegal experimentation, but he didn't let them.

The Dogs of War saved him from that hellhole, and now, stronger than ever, he works for them. He's found a brotherhood beyond measure, and he's determined to find all the tortured men they can to rehabilitate them.

Belladonna was their boogeyman. With one touch, she decided every prisoner's fate. But they didn't realize she was as much of a prisoner as they were.

Now she's working with the Dogs of War, trying to take the senator's hidden organization down. She's been reunited with her daughter, which makes them a tempting target. They used Lilly as leverage before to make Donna do monstrous things, and the Dogs know that if she's taken again, there will be hell to pay.

Haven struggles with his emotions. Donna saved him when he was at his lowest, and he can't help but feel indebted to her. But he also feels more, and yearns for more from her.

When their fears are realized and Donna's daughter is kidnapped, it takes everything in Haven to control Donna, because she's ready to burn the world to get Lilly back. Hopefully, the connection they've built will be enough to bring them all back.


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Rex is now for sale on Amazon!

This is the next book in the FOB Nightshade series, which is crossing over with Susan Stoker's Operation Alpha. 

This is a sweet little story, and I'm excited for you to read it!


Now Live!

It’s Christmas, and the Lost and Found crew and the Dogs of War are coming together for a very special weekend.

Zeke Foster has been with Ember for years now, and it’s past time to tie the knot. Can he pull off her dream wedding under her nose?

John and Shannon are getting ready for baby number three in the midst of helping Zeke. She has at least a couple of weeks before Baby Palmer arrives…

Aiden dotes over his daughter, but he worries about introducing her to the world. Outside forces are testing their boundaries, putting them all on edge, and Aiden is frustrated. 

Fortunately, Haven has traveled with them to provide extra security. Unfortunately, he may be busier than expected…


Former Navy SEAL Wyatt Thorn took the fall for a man he thought was his friend. But he was betrayed, charged with unspeakable crimes and tried by a court of his peers, where he was booted from the SEALs. Now Wyatt is hiding on this lonely mountain, licking his wounds.

When he receives a call from a mysterious woman, he takes it with a grain of salt. He's been offered jobs with big payoffs before, because he'd been a damn good SEAL. Then she starts throwing out information that NO ONE should know about what went on in the desert.

The man who betrayed him is dead, and the man's ex-wife, Rowan, is missing.

It's a sucker punch to the gut, because in the depths of the night, he dreams of beautiful Rowan, the only person who didn't look at him like a criminal.

He has a chance to clear his name and save her life, but it's going to come at a terrible emotional cost, for them both.

Assuming she's still alive...

RescuingOlivia_EB resized.png

There was a sense of unreality to the day. It had been ten years to the day that they’d been rescued by the Delta Team, and sent home from Afghanistan, broken and bruised in so many ways.  

It seems only appropriate that she's involved in a devastating automobile crash. Sure. Why not? She’s injured, but she fights through the pain to rescue as many people as she can. In the midst of the drama, she meets a firefighter who sweeps her off her feet, so to speak.

Fire Chief Connor Kelly is more than just a pretty set of abs. He doesn't  have time for a new relationship because the Lockhart BBQ Fest is going on, but something draws him to Olivia. She has strength of heart, something he admires, and it isn't long until he's wondering if he can persuade her to stay in Lockhart.

She’s afraid that he’s with her out of pity, because of her amputation, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. They both serve the community and it isn’t until things start to get serious that they realize they have a tragic connection. 

SlowBurn_EB updated logo copy.png

Brody Bennet’s brother Ethan was killed in prison. In a random coincidence, the daughter of the man that sent Ethan to prison is sitting across from him in a meeting.

Brody is faced with a decision. 

He never got the chance to get retribution against the lawyer who sent his brother to his death.


Maybe he can get retribution against the daughter. 

Brody puts his plan into motion, but gets tangled in his own web, drawn to Calie more than any other woman, ever.

Will he be able to go through with his retribution plans? Or can he let vengeance go for a chance at love?

A Warrior to Love eBook.jpg

Devlin Kreed used to be one of the best Navy SEAL snipers in the business. They called him Moon Devil, because he preferred to hunt his targets during the darkest part of the night. 

When he took out a high-value target, his career disintegrated. The SEALs kicked him out the door as a liability. It had all been a ruse, though, part of a CIA relocation op. The CIA promised him they would have his back, but they hung him out to dry, letting him take the fall for killing the target.

Now, there's a voice on the phone offering him an astronomical amount of money to take out the same man again. Because the CIA messed up. While trying to extract information, the murderer escaped them, and the world is now a much more dangerous place.

CIA agent Amberly Temple knew something was hinky as soon as the folder hit her desk. It was a cold case, but one of the most high-profile ones in her department, and she suspects a dirty agent. She must be getting close because as she tracks down witnesses and backtracks the investigation, someone tries to take her out. 

Luckily her former SEAL ex-husband is there to save her ass...

Dear Vixen,

Please help me!

My hunky and reclusive next door neighbor is a true hero. When my ex busted down my door and attacked me, my neighbor Booker saved me, at extreme cost to himself. He knocked the guy out and watched over me until the police could haul my assailant away. Then he let me patch him up, but the caring led to more. We spent one beautiful night together, but he hasn’t spoken to me very much since. Actually, he’s gone to extreme lengths to avoid me, telling me what we had wasn’t going anywhere.

Now, though, things are happening that make me think my ex is stalking me, and Booker is here to watch out for me. I’m afraid it won’t last long, because there’s a part of him that just won’t let me in. I’ve tried to connect with him but he’s a wounded veteran, a U.S. Army Ranger, and I believe he thinks everything I do is because I pity him or something. I just want to get to know him. I have no regrets from loving him and I hope he doesn’t either. I can tell he’s an incredible, honorable man, something we women dream of finding, but rarely do.

I’m afraid I’ve fallen for an unreachable dream.

I’m hoping that you will read this on your podcast on Friday. I’ve caught my neighbor listening to your show a couple of times, and I think it may be the only way I can get my message across to him.

Booker, if you’re listening, come knock on my door. Dinner is ready. Dessert is optional.


Desperate in Columbus


Dear Desperate,

First let me say, our nation’s veterans have had a rough road, and they don’t get the thanks and appreciation that they deserve.

Sweetie, congrats for rising above an unhealthy relationship with a hopeful heart. That took courage and determination. Something you and your neighbor have in common.

If your neighbor is fighting his attraction to you, I have to wonder what has caused him to be distrustful and to close his heart. I think finding that reason may be the key to happiness.

Take your time and be persistent. All good things come to those who are patient and he sounds like a gem worth waiting for!

Booker, if you’re listening, take the chance and follow your heart.


Good luck, hon!

The ♥️ Vixen

I couldn’t have asked for a better happily ever after for Logan or John. It has the right amount of emotions and empathy and wasn’t too angsty. I thought that it was awesome! 

Alison C.

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