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I write under the initials JM, though my name is Jennifer. I write military romance, most specifically military romance with disabled veterans. It's what I'm passionate about.

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New Release!

John and Shannon have always been reader favorites, and I knew I wanted to catch up with them and learn more about the boys. This was a fun book to write, and I hope you enjoy it!    Jen

Embattled Return


Reconnect with the Lost and Found group as they settle into the intricacies of marriage and growing families.

When Shannon proposes having another baby, John is caught flat-footed. He just survived the weekend from hell, caring for his two rambunctious boys. Now she wants to add another? FUDGE no!

But that conversation has to go on hold, because she’s brought home a young soldier that is struggling to reconnect with civilian life. He seems to be checking off a list of tasks before he checks out himself. Can they detour his death plan and give him something to live for?

Marigold Lee hired on at the Lost and Found Investigative Service to honor her father’s memory while she attains her psychology degree. The young soldier with the devastating burns makes her yearn for a relationship, but his suicidal tendencies brings up her own emotional pain.

As she helps him wade through the traumatic minefield of discovering his own lost family and consoling another, they find a connection greater than either of them ever expected.

I couldn’t have asked for a better happily ever after for Logan or John. It has the right amount of emotions and empathy and wasn’t too angsty. I thought that it was awesome! 

Alison C.



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