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I write under the initials JM, though my name is Jennifer. I write military romance, most specifically military romance with disabled veterans. It's what I'm passionate about.

In my catalog you'll also find some westerns, some kick-ass paranormal military, a menage or two and some straight contemporary. The type doesn't matter to me, as long as the characters get their Happy-Ever-After!

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It's LIVE!!! The next book in the Shadow SEALs!


Devlin Kreed used to be one of the best Navy SEAL snipers in the business. They called him Moon Devil, because he preferred to hunt his targets during the darkest part of the night. 

When he took out a high-value target, his career disintegrated. The SEALs kicked him out the door as a liability. It had all been a ruse, though, part of a CIA relocation op. The CIA promised him they would have his back, but they hung him out to dry, letting him take the fall for killing the target.

Now, there's a voice on the phone offering him an astronomical amount of money to take out the same man again. Because the CIA messed up. While trying to extract information, the murderer escaped them, and the world is now a much more dangerous place.

CIA agent Amberly Temple knew something was hinky as soon as the folder hit her desk. It was a cold case, but one of the most high-profile ones in her department, and she suspects a dirty agent. She must be getting close because as she tracks down witnesses and backtracks the investigation, someone tries to take her out. 

Luckily her former SEAL ex-husband is there to save her ass...

It's Live!!!


Paul Jameson is thrilled to have his young daughter with him, though it’s come at a cost. Hope was in the car when her mother, high on drugs at the time, crashed. Physically, the girl is fine, but mentally and emotionally, there’s some reason why she isn’t letting him in. The only one able to crack her shell is Sophie, the little mutt she’s latched onto at a friend’s house.

Paul agrees to adopt the dog, because it’s the only thing that Hope has responded to. At least, until Jessamy Swan arrives on scene to help him out.

Jess has done the whole childcare thing- after all, she’s the oldest of seven. But when her friend and boss at Healing Hearts, Helping Hands talks her into taking the job to help the little girl, Jess is swayed. And she falls in love. First with the daughter, the her overprotective father.

For the first time in her life she begins to dream of settling down.

A Warrior to Love eBook.jpg

Dear Vixen,

Please help me!

My hunky and reclusive next door neighbor is a true hero. When my ex busted down my door and attacked me, my neighbor Booker saved me, at extreme cost to himself. He knocked the guy out and watched over me until the police could haul my assailant away. Then he let me patch him up, but the caring led to more. We spent one beautiful night together, but he hasn’t spoken to me very much since. Actually, he’s gone to extreme lengths to avoid me, telling me what we had wasn’t going anywhere.

Now, though, things are happening that make me think my ex is stalking me, and Booker is here to watch out for me. I’m afraid it won’t last long, because there’s a part of him that just won’t let me in. I’ve tried to connect with him but he’s a wounded veteran, a U.S. Army Ranger, and I believe he thinks everything I do is because I pity him or something. I just want to get to know him. I have no regrets from loving him and I hope he doesn’t either. I can tell he’s an incredible, honorable man, something we women dream of finding, but rarely do.

I’m afraid I’ve fallen for an unreachable dream.

I’m hoping that you will read this on your podcast on Friday. I’ve caught my neighbor listening to your show a couple of times, and I think it may be the only way I can get my message across to him.

Booker, if you’re listening, come knock on my door. Dinner is ready. Dessert is optional.


Desperate in Columbus


Dear Desperate,

First let me say, our nation’s veterans have had a rough road, and they don’t get the thanks and appreciation that they deserve.

Sweetie, congrats for rising above an unhealthy relationship with a hopeful heart. That took courage and determination. Something you and your neighbor have in common.

If your neighbor is fighting his attraction to you, I have to wonder what has caused him to be distrustful and to close his heart. I think finding that reason may be the key to happiness.

Take your time and be persistent. All good things come to those who are patient and he sounds like a gem worth waiting for!

Booker, if you’re listening, take the chance and follow your heart.


Good luck, hon!

The ♥️ Vixen

I couldn’t have asked for a better happily ever after for Logan or John. It has the right amount of emotions and empathy and wasn’t too angsty. I thought that it was awesome! 

Alison C.