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Former Navy SEAL Commander Jack Bishop thought he was done with the government shenanigans that cost him part of his mobility, as well as his marriage. So when he’s approached to join Bravo Foxtrot, a secret division of the Department of Homeland Security, he’s less than enthused, until he realizes that Navy SEALs he worked with are in danger. But there’s a more personal connection. Somehow his best-friend’s ex-wife is involved and no matter what she did in the past, he needs to be there to help her out. He has no desire to rejoin any part of the government, but there are lives at risk, as well as a personal connection he can’t ignore.

Andrea Winters knows that something hinky is going on in her high traffic coffee shop. As a former Navy SEAL wife, and a strong member of the military community, she knows something feels off. She reports her feelings to a man she thinks she can trust, and suddenly she’s running for her life. Is there a conspiracy afoot? Or is she just overreacting to a strange set of circumstances? Things turn even stranger when her ex-husband’s best friend shows up on her doorstep, looking even more handsome than he did years before. In spite of the beat up exterior, she still sees glimmers of the man she thought at one time would help her rebuild her life.

Will he help her understand what’s going on now? Or just confuse her further with his hungry looks and even more demanding hands…

They’re in a race against time to save lives, and possibly hearts…



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