Seal’s Lost Dream



“Your bearded mystery man just pulled in.”

Dr. Willow James looked up at her assistant Nicky leaning in the doorway. “Uh oh. What’d he bring me this time?”

Nicky shook her dark head. “Not sure. Sue is helping him now.”

Willow tied off the last stitch of the spaying she was doing on Donna Sharp’s new little cat Skittles. “Put him in room one and I’ll be there in just a minute. Whatever he brought, I’m sure it’s critical.”

Her vet tech nodded and disappeared.

Wiping the little tabby’s belly, she picked her up and carried her to the holding cages in back. Laying Skittles in the basket, she tucked a piece of fleece over her to keep her warm as she came out of the anesthesia. In a few minutes she’d send Nicky back to check on the cat.

Willow walked toward room one with dread in her stomach. ‘Flynn’, as he called himself, had been coming to her vet practice for about the past year, hauling in animal after animal for her to treat and try to find homes for. Or dispose of respectfully. Dogs for the most part. Usually strays. A couple had been micro-chipped and eventually returned to their grateful owners. She’d asked him once where he found them all. Hard, shadowed gray eyes had flashed to her for a moment. “They find me,” he told her quietly.

And she believed him.

The man was imposing. Six-three anyway, thick dark brown hair and beard, tight t-shirts that showed off more muscles than should be allowed on any man. He wore jeans that cupped his ass but hung low on his hips. A knife was tucked into the corner of the pocket. Pretty damn delicious. His personality, though, left a lot to be desired. For the most part, he snapped or grumbled at everyone. After seven years in practice on her own, he made her feel ridiculously inadequate at her own job. She wasn’t sure why he kept coming in. There were a hundred other vets in the Denver area he could patronize. If she hadn’t seen the way the animals themselves reacted to him, she’d have probably asked him to go to another vet.

But the animals loved him. Dogs with no more will to live gave him a final grateful lick before they faded away. Feral cats calmed under his broad hands as if they’d been waiting for him forever. She didn’t know what he did in real life, but he should have been a veterinarian. Or a K9 officer. Maybe Search and Rescue. Something where he could use the skill he had.

With the stealthy way he walked into a room, she thought perhaps he had military experience. She’d learned early on that making him wait in the waiting room put other customers on edge because he glared at them. The staff tried to get him into a room as quickly as possible.

It was a shame he was so abrasive. The man was positively gorgeous. Dark haired and light eyed. Scrumptious.

Stupid vanity made her tighten her gut and lift her boobs as she walked into the room, ready for anything.

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Previously published in the SEALed With a Kiss anthology. This book is not for readers under 18.

Former Navy SEAL K9 Handler Joe Flynn doesn’t understand why every stray in Denver seems to head his way. After losing his Military War Dog in Afghanistan, he doesn’t want anything to do with animals. But he doesn’t mind seeing Willow take care of his charges. Lusciously rounded, she’s the best thing he’s experienced all year.

Veterinarian Willow James loves seeing Flynn walk her way, though he brings her some truly sad cases of animal neglect. He tries to keep his emotions locked away, but she’s learned to read him over the past year. When one of the animals he brings in decides to adopt him, she starts to see the thaw she’s been waiting for.

She’s ready to take on the sexy former SEAL with all his ghosts, but is he ready to let them go for her?

Fast Facts

Series: Lost and Found, Book 2.5

Publisher: J.M. Madden

Genre: Military Romantic Suspense

Length: 106 pages



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