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The Snowpocalypse of 2021-

Actually, it's turned into more of an ICE-pocalypse for Kentucky.

When we moved down here from Ohio in 2006-2007, I kind of laughed at what they closed school for. Coming from Ohio, we strapped on chains or turned on the 4 wheel drive to get where we needed to go. There had to be significant weather before school was cancelled.

In Kentucky, I remember one day school was closed for RAIN. Yes, Rain.

This year, though, is proving to be more of a bitch.

Ice, ice and more ice. It's beautiful- I'll give you that- but it's harder than hell to do anything. I think this has been the only good thing about the pandemic- there hasn't been this requirement to get out and go to work for a lot of people. If it had been business as usual there would have been a lot more catastrophes.

Here's my hill. This is a few days after the big ice storm and the first time the sun has come out in days! Maybe we'll get some melt going! Have you gotten any significant weather recently?

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