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A Warrior To Love is almost LIVE!

I was invited to participate in the Love Vixen series a few months ago, and I have to say, I didn't know what to expect. Most of the authors were new to me, but they've all done such a wonderful job with promoting each other and keeping up the enthusiasm.

This book was a bit of a challenge, though, because I decided to do it double first person, rather than third person like most of my books. 📖

1st person- I kissed him like my life depended upon it.

3rd person- She kissed him like her life depended upon it.

And double first person means that I wrote both the male and female characters in first person, I just made sure to do it in alternating scenes.

I have to say, I kind of enjoyed it! The first person POV seems to make the story more active. I tried about 15k in each version, and I definitely thought the 1st person was more interesting and carried the story along nicely.

I'm curious to see if you like the story as well!

April 2nd A Warrior to Love releases, and I hope you enjoy it! Here's a glimpse into the story.

I would enjoy this moment in time for what it was; two people finding comfort in one another. If my body stayed under control, we’d be all right.

She began stroking my back, and I’m sure it was an unconscious movement, but it heated my blood. I’d been so aware of Catalina for so long, and now that I was in proximity to her, it was only getting worse. I didn’t even feel the pain in my hand as I cupped her head and pressed a kiss to the top of it.

This was so dangerous. I was on the verge of pushing her away when she sagged into me even more, her unbound breasts tight against my chest. We were twisted a little awkwardly, but I don’t think either of us noticed or cared.

Catalina breathed against me, and my skin…reacted. Goosebumps raced across my shoulders and down my arms, and I wondered if she felt them. It was such an odd reaction. Then she shuddered, and lifted her head.

I’d been a Ranger for years, shaped by training and trial, and I believed I was strong, but looking down into her brilliant light brown eyes I didn’t think I could maintain the distance between us. And now wasn’t the time to make a move on her. She was recovering from being attacked and I was sure I was reading more into the situation than was there.

Lifting her head, she kissed me, and my world imploded.

You can preorder on Amazon!-

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