Love On The Line



When Gina stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him, resting her curly head against his chest, Matt was floored. And humbled. And shamed. She was beautiful, and sweet, and had more friends than he had nails in his garage, and she was wrapped around him like he meant something to her. For the briefest second he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed, then stepped back. Or tried to step back. With his feet already up against the bottom stair, he couldn’t get them untangled fast enough from hers. He felt his weight shift, and knew he wouldn’t be able to keep them upright. Swinging his right arm out to break their fall, he encountered the base post of the banister. Clenching fiercely, his muscles strained as he tried to keep them both vertical.

It was no use. Under their substantial combined weight, the post snapped.

Matt landed on the stairs hard, with Gina clutched to his chest. He didn’t even care that he had fallen. His foremost concern was for her, and her recent injury. So, even though he had stairs digging into his back, and a four inch by four inch post fell over and conked him on the head, he cradled Gina as protectively as he could.

Gina looked up at him in a daze, her left hand clutched in his t-shirt and her right held against her chest. Her eyes were wide with fright and her hair wild. Their legs had gotten tangled, and her right leg was over his lap. Looking down, it was easy enough to imagine another, more intimate situation, and in spite of the crazy circumstance, his body responded. Even as he tried to ignore the tempting picture she made, his dick hardened.

“Uh, wow,” she laughed. She tried to adjust her leg, and Matt knew the exact second she noticed his erection. All movement stopped, and a pink tinge colored her cheeks, but she looked up with a smile, which surprised him. “We, uh, need to quit meeting like this. Really.” She pressed a quick, hard kiss to his chin before she scrambled off his lap.


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Not for readers under 18. Contains strong language and adult sexual situations.

Bail Bondsman Brady Frost tracked a bail jumper all the way to New York and now he just wants a quiet train ride home to Florida. He’d hoped to avoid sharing his space, but when a tight little co-ed is assigned to his cabin, then propositions him, how can he say no?

Lorna McNight is ready to shake off her self-imposed sexual drought. For four years she’s devoted herself to attaining her degree, but she’s ready to bust loose in a graduation bash for the record books. Rugged, mature Brady appeals to her more than any of the boys she went to school with, and she wants him to give her the ride of her life on the way to Florida. But the six hour train ride was not nearly enough to satisfy Brady Frost. When sexy Lorna calls for a rendezvous two days later, he’s more than ready to take up where they left off, and arrives at her resort just in time to rescue her from a dangerous situation.

Lorna’s first mistake was misjudging the schmuck at the bar. Her second mistake was underestimating her desire for the mature knight in bruised armor, and her ability to keep love and sex separate. When it’s time to board the train home, will she be able to leave her heart behind? And will Brady be able to let her go?

Fast Facts

Publisher: J.M. Madden

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 60 pages



Lost and Found Series

Silver Star Series

The Awakening Society Series

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