2018 Here I come!!!

2017 was a busy year, but I think 2018 is going to kick my ass!

I put out seven books/novellas in 2017, as well as a box set. I did a Kidle World and more conferences than I can remember.

I finished the Lowell series in January with Trying the Knot. That was a fun book to write. Hell, the whole series was fun to write. I grew up reading romances of that type and it was a great palate cleanser for me creatively. I would like to do more contemporary westerns at some point-I have plenty of ideas- but right now I have other books calling me.

I just finished the Sleeper SEALs book Flat Line, and I loved it. It will be released on the 20th or February, and the 12 book Sleeper SEALs set will be complete. Plan on attending our Facebook wrap party on March the 9th. I have a feeling we’re going to be blowing out some fabulous gifts!

Writing Flat Line got me excited about writing military suspense again. I’m super excited to roll out Aiden’s series in the spring. It will be titled The Dogs of War. Right now I’m planning a 3 book set, but it will definitely be built for more. It will also be interwoven with the Lost and Found series, of course. How can it not be? That was where we met Aiden.

The series is going to have a touch of paranormal, as well. Think along the lines of Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalkers. There will be evil bad guys, they’ll have to save the world and find love in the middle. You know, just an average day. Lol!

In June, I will be having a novella come out in Desiree Holt’s Omega Team Kindle World. I’m super excited about it!

At some point this year I will be releasing ***AUDIO*** as well! As a true audiophile myself, this brings me great joy! Eric G Dove will be narrating, and if you would like to hear his lovely voice, you can check out this J.R. Ward book!  No idea when exactly this will be released, but the books will be going into production soon!

I’ve trimmed down on my conference schedule this year, but the ones I’m doing are phenomenal!

March 24thBooking in Biloxi– IP casino, Biloxi.  This is a great little conference. Super fun and well run! If you plan on attending, PLEASE let me know! I love to meet readers!

August 18thSalute With Love Military Signing– Phoenixville, PA. This is a first time event but most of the military authors I know will be there!

October 20thShameless Book Con– Orlando! I’ve never done this one before but I hear it it truly amazing, both for readers and authors!

Also, with the way it’s getting harder to be seen and heard on social media outlets and Amazon, I would appreciate it if you would sign up for my newsletter. If you scroll to the bottom of this page or click on the newsletter tab above, it will take you to an easy for to sign up.

Thank you all very much for reading!

The Future of the Lost and Found Series, and other things…

I’ve been writing the Lost and Found series since 2012. That was the date I first published The Embattled Road, scared to death that people would think I was crazy writing about disabled veterans. But now, 5 years later, I realize that making the public aware of vets is just as important as it always was. More so now, maybe, because we’re not seeing war coverage everyday on the news. Don’t be fooled, though, people are still dying. We just aren’t hearing about it as much. The new President and the circus in Washington just take top billing.

I told my husband the other day about something one of my characters had done in a book (specifically, John Palmer complaining about puppy training from Forget Me Not) and he looked at me like I was crazy because I was talking about the incident as if it had really happened. And in my mind it HAD happened!

These men are so real to me that yes I laughed when I wrote that scene, then had to tell a friend and my hubby about it.

How could I ever NOT write about them?

Yes, I’m heading in a different direction with the Honeywell, Texas series, one that I’m SUPER excited about, but you’ll see many of the same characters from the LNF series included. And, me being me, there will be veterans involved, as well as other subjects I’m passionate about. I talk about women’s issues, the crisis with the wild horses and the BLM, and veterans. I’ll be introducing new characters for you to fall in love with, and revisiting favorites. Exactly how a favorite series should be, right?

You’ll see the 4 books of the Honeywell series this summer, and maybe a surprise or two for the latter part of the year. Still planning to release Aiden’s book early next year. Actually, early next year I have several projects in the works. Sigh…  More reading for you guys!

2017 Plans

Damn, I’m a bad blogger!

I was working on the website today and realized that it had been more than a year since I had blogged about anything. So let’s talk.

2016 was a tough year publishing wise. The market got a hell of a lot tougher and it was harder to connect with our readers. A lot of books flooded the market, diluting the pond, so to speak. I think I learned a lot, but I definitely didn’t sell as many books as 2015.

All around me, I see notes and posts from authors that are being forced to go back to the EDJ- Evil Day Job. That’s so disheartening to me because this profession truly is one of love for most authors.

I’m lucky enough that that isn’t a possibility. Money wise I’m still making a better living doing this than being a cop, plus I have a much lower risk of having my ass kicked or being bitten by a dog, or being involved in a high-speed crash. The list could go on. Lol!

The challenges in the market make small business owners like me work to stay pertinent. Experts say you need to release fast, fast, fast to stay in the public’s eye, and to a certain extent, I believe that, but it will burn you out. When you released a book 4 years ago, it stayed popular for longer. Now when you release a book you have a couple of weeks of popularity, then you start to sink faster without huge advertising intervention. It’s very daunting trying to stay up on the market, as well as write the next blockbuster at the same time.

Some people can’t, so they’re forced back to the EDJs!

So, I’m changing a few things up this year.

One, I’m staying closer to home. While I love going to conferences and meeting readers and seeing author friends, that doesn’t get my books written. The planning that goes into even a small day signing is significant and very distracting. If it’s an out of town trip, the planning is even more involved with travel, hotel, reader meets, author meets, plus everything you have to plan for at home before you leave. I have kids and horses and dogs and a wandering hubby I have to keep track of. This year I have 5 definite conferences, with maybe a couple of smaller, close ones thrown in. Definites are Washington, Pa, Lexington, Louisville, Atlanta, and Huntington. Check out my appearances tab on my website!

Two, I’m diversifying! This month, after I release SEAL’s Christmas Dream, I will have 16 books out in the Lost and Found series. Holy crapola! That’s a lot! And as much as I love the guys at LNF, I need to change directions a bit. I’m spinning off a series about Chad’s ranch. He and Lora are getting married on the Blue Star ranch, and his brother Brock and sisters need to find their own love!  This will definitely be more Western!


Yes, I will also be starting the Dogs of War series, toward the end of the year. You will learn why Aiden/Jaime is the way he is, and we’ll meet his fire squad. I’m excited to write them. This will definitely have a bit of a paranormal bent, similar to Christine Feehan’s Ghost Walkers.

I’ll be doing an Elle James Brotherhood Protectors Kindle world in June! So keep a look out for that! As well as a couple other secret projects in the works!

Jeez, what else….

Yes, I have a second Needful Heart book that needs let out, tentatively titled A Hopeful Soul. Everyone always asks about this. Time, time, time…

Three, I’ll be opening a store here on my website, where I might offer limited signed print runs and swag and the like. I’m pretty excited about it.

Four, I’m going to be blogging more. I want people to be able to find information about what I’m doing and who I’m working on more easily. Also, for those that are into publishing, I’m going to be blogging about doing it yourself, even in this hard market. There’s so much misinformation out there that it’s disheartening, and I want people to be able to see how I did it myself. So, stay tuned for that.

Okay, I think that’s all I wanted to convey. Any big plans for your year ahead?


My Crazy Year Ahead…

So, in 2015 I promised myself that 2016 would involve less travel and more writing. Well, you know that saying about best-laid plans…

I have several super secret projects on my list that I can’t talk about (although you will absolutely love them, just fyi!), but there are several highlights that I CAN tell you about.

  • Rachel is going to be expanded and released. Hopefully this January.
  • Duncan is being worked on as we speak. Projected release date? I’m going to say as soon as possible. I would like to say May or June. But I have a couple of projects that I HAVE to release before his.
  • I have a Kindle World book releasing January 26th in Cat Johnson’s World, where you’ll get to meet Zero and Izzy.

As for traveling, well, here is my current list. If you are in the area and CAN NOT attend the event, please send me a note or message. Maybe we can get together for a coffee or something!

  • February 27th I have a local signing at Midway College for Woodford Country Library. You can find the details here:  http://www.woodfordcountylibrary.com/event/1192
  • March 18-20th I’ll be in Biloxi, MS for the Booking in Biloxi Event at the IP Casino! Here’s the FB page- https://www.facebook.com/bookinginbiloxi/?fref=ts
  • April 12-17 I’ll be at the Rio in Las Vegas for the Romantic Times Convention! https://www.rtconvention.com
  • May 13-15 Nashville, TN I’ll be there for the Weekend With the Authors event. http://www.aweekendwiththeauthors.com
  • June 10-12 I’ll be in West Chester, Ohio for the Lori Foster Event.  http://readerauthorgettogether.com
  • In September I’ll be at the Novelist Inc Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is an industry conference. But I will be available to readers in the area!
  • November 4-5 I’ll be in Huntington, WV for the Rebels and Readers Conference. http://www.rebelsnreaders.com/rarae-2016.html

Jeez! See what I mean? And there may be a couple of other smaller events thrown in later. I truly hope to see you at one of these!

Baby It’s Cold Outside….

This is so appropriate right now, because the thermometer on my phone says it is 13 degrees outside and dropping. Kentucky gets cold, but not normally this cold. Next week we’re supposed to be in the negative at night! BRRR…..

Copyright belongs to Disney. 

Luckily for me, I’m writing a couple of hot scenes. The following is from an untitled story related to my Lost and Found series.

They made it through dinner,
packed up the few leftovers and left. Flynn felt like a schmutz, ruining their
date the way he had.
“I’m sorry,” he told her, holding
the truck door open for her.
She glanced at him and frowned.
“I’m not. I had a lovely dinner with you.”
Flynn leaned between the door and
the frame, needing to explain.
“Crowds mean danger to me.” He flicked
his gaze back to the restaurant. “There were twenty-three people in there,
possibly too many for me to take on alone.” He couldn’t help but grin. “But I
would have done my best.”
Willow laughed at his bravado and
reached out to hold his cheek. Flynn forced himself to stand, unmoving, as she
caressed the bristly beard down to his chin, and he felt obligated to be blunt.
“I’m not a regular guy, Willow. I can’t take you out dancing or to a county fair
without planning exit strategies and collateral damage. I’ve been stateside for
three years now, but I still live as if I’m in a warzone. To some extent, I
probably always will. I don’t know that anything will ever change that. And I
don’t know that that would be a good environment for you.”
She raised a brow at that.
“Do you see me pulling away? Cringing
at what you do?”
She waited for him to shake his
“Did I not give you the back-up
you needed for that situation?”
He stared at her, shaken that she
could understand the fear he did not want to give name to.
“Dancing is overrated,” she continued, “although we
may have to work on the county fair. That’s one thing I simply cannot miss. I
love animals more that people, so as long as you make an effort every once in a
while to get out, I think we’ll be fine.”
Leaning in, she pressed a soft
kiss to his lips.
Flynn felt like he was drowning;
in her scent, her taste and the emotion she stirred in him.
He opened his mouth to taste her,
and a visceral need erupted. It had been so long since he’d been with a woman,
but he didn’t even think that was it. It couldn’t be just any woman. Willow had been the one taunting him in his dreams for so long.
Saving him from himself.
She tasted of Italian herbs and
lemon. Angling his head, Flynn forced her mouth wider, needing to taste everything
she had. She met him move for move. Fingernails dug into his ribs, then
burrowed beneath his shirt to his skin. Flynn shuddered at the first intimate
touch he’d felt in years. Her hand moved across his ribs and brushed his pectorals.
He stepped closer, unable not to. One of her hands drifted down to his ass cheek and squeezed, and he hardened to the point of pain. Oh, hell…
The hairs on his neck rose, and he
realized how exposed he was, kissing her out here on the street. With a final,
lingering nibble, he pulled away. He scanned the surroundings, but didn’t see
any immediate threat. Circling the truck hood, he slid into the vehicle.
Willow had dragged the seatbelt
across her midsection, but still looked a little dazed. Flynn grinned at her
hazy expression. “Are you okay? You look a little flushed.”
She gave him a smack on the arm.
“Can I help it if I’m recovering from one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had?”
Flynn swallowed and looked at her,
trying to decide if she were bullshitting him or not. She looked totally
sincere. And aroused. The erection he’d been trying to tame renewed, making him
shift uncomfortably.
Willow leaned toward him with a satisfied
look on her face. “Yeah, I’m not the only one, am I?”
Grinning with her, he started the truck and shoved it into gear.

This book won’t be out for a couple of months, I’m sorry. But I’ve got a couple of free downloads of my book Embattled Minds for anyone who tells me about the hottest scene they’ve read recently. And if you bounce along on the rest of the hop, you can be entered to win a Kindle, a Nook, gift cards and book downloads! A pretty awesome way to spend a chilly weekend if you ask me! Just click on the fireplace to be taken to the list.

Also, if you need another FREE READ, you can check out the prequel novella to my Lost and Found series, HERE.

7 Steps To Self-Publishing Your Backlist Title…

  Publishing is changing every day, it seems. Indie pubbed authors are getting publishing contracts and traditionally pubbed authors are putting out their back lists as indies. The stigma to releasing your own work is finally beginning to ease as authors realize there is more than one path to publication.

I had a lady email me the other day wanting to know what she needed to do to release a title she’d received the rights back to from a small e-pub, and I thought it would be a good blog post. She’s probably not the only one wondering.
When we sign contracts with publishing companies, be they New York traditional or smaller e publishing houses, we give up our rights to that work for a length of time. Contracts themselves usually run from one year to fourteen, with three to five being the average. During that time, the publishing house prepares and distributes the work. There should be a section of the contract dealing with the length of the contract and directions on how to request your rights back from the publisher. Follow those directions closely. On some contracts, if you don’t request your rights back during the window specified, the contract itself renews, locking you in again.
Once you receive your reversion of rights, you can prepare to put it out yourself.
~~~There are some things to remember. When you signed the contract with the publishing company, more than likely they took over the cost of production. They bought a cover, they paid somebody to edit the work and they put their own ISBN on it. Now that you own the book again, YOU CANNOT USE THE OLD COVER OR ISBN. You, as the new publisher, have to provide a new cover, a new ISBN and possibly new editing.
Here’s what you need to do to release your reverted-rights, backlist title:

  1. Once you receive your Reversion of Rights letter from your publisher, read over your manuscript. This is a chance to remake the story into what you’ve always envisioned. When you read it over, you may find sections that you’d like to change or expand on. Maybe you’ve always wanted to give it a different ending. Or turn it edgier. Make the hero a little nicer. Well, now’s your chance. Make the story into what YOU want. 
  2. Choose a cover artist and cover. There are a lot of up and coming, fabulous cover designers out there. I’ve personally used The Author’s Red RoomMelody Simmons at ebookindiecovers.com and Viola Estrella, and all were fabulous. If you follow this link, it will take you to an updated list of 52 cover artists I’ve listed on my website under Author Helps. Some publishing houses barely ask your opinion about the cover, let alone what models or scenes to use. If you’ve ever cringed when you’ve gotten a cover from a publisher because the heroine’s hair color is wrong, or the scene is off, this is your chance to make it right. I put this a little higher in the list because some cover artists take several months to create a custom cover. Or it may just take that long to catch a break in their schedule. You can order the cover while you’re doing everything else. If you plan on taking your book to print, you’ll need a wrap cover, which will take a little longer to create. Tell your artist what you need before you start. Cost– can be any amount. I’ve seen pre-made covers for as little as $5 up to custom covers for several thousand.
  3. Edit your work. While the original publisher probably, hopefully, edited your work competently, you still want to have it checked over, especially if you modify or change anything from the original manuscript. Every editor I’ve had has worked differently, but they’ve all been fabulous, luckily. I’ve heard horror stories of editors that couldn’t edit for shit, and if you’ve ever had one of those, you have my sympathies. I think every piece of work about to be published needs to be re-edited, because just about every book I read -Traditional, e or indie- has a typo in it somewhere. Cost– any amount. If you have a critical reader good at spotting issues, it may be free. If you use an actual editor, expect to pay out $50 up to several hundred dollars for a critical read through. I currently use Mary Yakovets. I hate to give her name out because she really is awesome, and I want her to still have time for me!
  4. Buy ISBNs for your work. I’ll explain this out a bit, so that everybody knows. If you publish on Smashwords, they offer you a free ISBN, but THEY are listed as the publisher, not you. If you actually buy the number from Bowker, YOU are listed as the publisher. It took me a while to figure out, but from now on, I want MY work to be under MY name. Cost-You can buy them at Bowker; 1 for $99 or 10 for $250. I bought the 10 pack, because each book that you put out will need 3 numbers. One ISBN for digital, one for print and one for audio.
  5. Format your work. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and I’ve resigned myself to be one of those that CAN NOT format, no matter how long she tries. But it’s turned out for the best. I have a formatter at BBebooks that absolutely rocks formatting, affordably. When I send Paul my doc file, for $50 he turns it into 7 different versions, for each of the distributors. WELL worth the money. Cost– depends upon your file size and the number of different versions you need. $50 and up.
  6. Register yourself and Publish at all of the distribution sites. Some, like Apple, take a long time to check you out and approve you as a publisher. Like, several weeks. If you don’t have a Mac computer and have to upload to Apple through Smashwords, ARE or one of the other distributors, be prepared for it to take several weeks for your book to go live. The rest of the sites go live fairly quickly. Smashwords is live immediately. Amazon takes about a day, Kobo and Barnes and Noble take a few days to a few weeks. ARE is also a quick one. Your book will be available as soon as you upload it, but I will say that their upload process is a pain in the butt. When you upload to Createspace for your print book, the proof will take 24 hours. Once you approve the proof, you can hit print and your books will be available. Cost– None of the sites charge you to publish a book through them, although they will take a portion of your royalties. Read the information at each site to see how much.
  7. Start Marketing! This is probably something that you’ve been doing anyway, no matter where you were pubbed. Keep doing it. The advantage to this, though, is that now that you’ve pubbed your own book, you can see real-time sales at all of the sites. If you do a blog-hop or targeted advertisement, you can see immediately if it was effective or not by following your numbers. You had no way of knowing that when you were pubbed with a publisher.

This is a highly simplified version of what you need to do, but you can now call yourself a self-published author. If you have any questions at all, either comment here or send me an email at authorjmmadden@gmail.com.
Thanks for reading!

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