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Well, I don’t know about you guys, but my winter doesn’t look anything like this screen yet. We’ve been getting so much rain, I’m afraid I’m going to wash down my hill. Not really, but I do get tired of splashing through the mud. I’ve rescued 2 horses recently, and one is very skinny (you can read more about Kid on my blog) and he’s pretty much restricted to the barn while I feed him up. Well, with the way the barn drains, I have to wade through the muck to get to him, and it’s supremely frustrating. I want it to just freeze and be done with the mud.

I’m getting really close to releasing my first self-pubbed romance, The Awakening Society. I just got the cover in, and I thought I would share it with you. I though the woman was very pretty, and exactly conveyed what I wanted in the story.

This is the blurb, unedited-

Tonya Hughes is bittersweet about her last appointment for the Awakening Society. For twenty years she’s done her part to shape the young men of Savannah into lovers any Southern woman would want. But her time has come to an end. Not able to continue the line, she plans to ‘retire’ from the society, after one last Awakening.

To Harrison Walker, the appointment with the statuesque brunette is everything he could ever hope for. A hot woman is going to instruct him in the art of making love.

But when emotions get involved, the appointment carries over into the next day. Will Tonya have the strength to urge him to broaden his horizons?

Candy in my e-mail- 2 new covers!


So, the urban fantasy I wrote for the anthology at Bonaparte Press will be out soon, and this is the cover.Mine is titled Burning Moonlight, and it’s different that what I normally write, but I enjoyed doing it. I think this girl’s damn hot, and so like my heroine Wrena! Very Underworld-esque.




I submitted a story to Decadent for their 1NS Series, and it was accepted as well! It’s a phenomenal series, so well-written, and I’m so freakin’ jazzed right now. The story, titled Wet Dream (I know, ornery, huh?) won’t be out until the latter part of the summer. Decadent does their process a little different though, so I already have my cover! Yahoo! Dara England rocks!


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