Wall Of Glory


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Maura got to her feet and wiped her face with her sleeve. She bravely stepped toward Chaun Maaun. She knew that he could strike her dead or throw her off the tree limb, causing her to break her neck in the fall.

“Chaun Maaun, please believe me. I did not know all of this was occurring. Dorak had me watched night and day. I had access to only a few advisors who were as blind as I. I was a prisoner. If I stepped out of bounds, he would round up my people and torture them.”

She stepped closer to him. She could feel his breath and smell his deep woodsy smell. “You are not the only one that suffered. Please, Chaun Maaun, I can’t bear this! Let us forgive one another for events over which we had no control.” She embraced him, resting her head on his massive feathered chest. Maura felt him tighten. She clung on to him as if her life and sanity depended on it.

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Reeling from Dorak’s treachery, Empress Maura must reunite with the Dinii and search for the Mother Bogazkoy in order to “mate” with it. Only then will Maura have enough power to fight the Black Cacodemon’s power and free her nation from the tyranny of the Bhuttanian Empire.

But will she lose Dorak in the process? Can Maura really save Dorak and her people’s freedom at the same time? Or will one of them have to be sacrificed?

Fast Facts

Series: Saga of the de Magela Family, Book 3

Publisher: Worker Bee Press

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 118 pages

Format: eBook



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Josiah Reynolds Mysteries

Saga of the de Magela Family

Last Chance Motel


Wall Of Doom

Book 1

Wall Of Peril

Book 2

Wall Of Conquest

Book 4

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