Wall Of Conquest


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The Empress gave a small laugh. She curtly dismissed her servants and poured her lover a cup of wine. Handing the cup to the man, she asked softly, “Does the fact that I may not be mortal frighten you?”

Her lover took the cup, happy that his hand did not shake and reveal his tumultuous thoughts. Thinking he could not deceive her, he told the truth. “It frightens me very much, Great Lady.” He shook his head in wonder. “I do not know why you even bothered to choose me. I am not young anymore.” He felt his face. “In fact, I’m not much to look at. My wealth has been taken from me by misfortune. I have nothing to offer an Empress, not even a gift such as a trinket.”

“I think you have much to offer me.”

The Bhuttanian squared back his shoulders. “Though poor and broken, I will give what I can.”

“Then I ask this of you. Make love to me as though I were a normal woman, one whom you desired.” Maura felt the heat rise to her cheeks. “Can you do this for one night? I’ll not ask more of you.” She took the Bhuttanian’s large, battered hands and pressed them to her breasts.

Realizing that the Empress might be lonely, the Bhuttanian took pity upon her. “This I can do.” He tried to hold her. “If only you will tell me how.”

Seeing his stricken face, Maura laughed and placed both of his hands on her hips.

The Bhuttanian relaxed and laughed along with her.

She leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips.

He responded in kind and picking her up, carried the Empress over to the bed.

“You will find me not ungrateful,” Maura whispered. “In the morning, your property and more will be returned to you once you have pledged your loyalty to me.”

The Bhuttanian lowered the Empress into the soft bed. He was flushed with desire.

“I have one more thing to request of you,” said Maura.

“Ask, Lady, and if it is in my power, it is yours.”

Maura looked deeply into his battered, questioning face. “Do not be gentle.”

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After killing the Black Cacodemon in the cave of the Mother Bogazkoy, Maura discovers that Dorak, the love of her life and the Empress Gitar have vanished.

Grief-stricken, Maura is determined that the child she is carrying shall become Aganess of the Bhuttanian Empire. Maura travels to Bhuttani, the capital to confront Dorak’s first wife, Mamora, and take the throne from her, restoring order to the Empire.

Deep in her heart, she believes that Dorak and Gitar are still alive and hopes to find them.

Thus our story begins . . .

Fast Facts

Series: Saga of the de Magela Family, Book 4

Publisher: Worker Bee Press

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 202 pages

Format: eBook



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Josiah Reynolds Mysteries

Saga of the de Magela Family

Last Chance Motel


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Book 1

Wall Of Peril

Book 2

Wall Of Glory

Book 3

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