Well, The Awakening Society has been out 20 days exactly, and it is currently on a free promo. I’ve hit several free lists including #53 on the free erotica list US. UK I hit #29 so far and Germany has been the surprise. #7 free on the erotica list. Thanks Germany!

I’m so very excited that the book is moving the way it is. I thank all the readers that like free books! ;-D

NOTE– I climbed all the way up to #249 overall, and #15 on the erotica list. I was so very proud!

NOT for readers under 18. Contains explicit language and sexual situations.

Tonya Hughes is bittersweet about her last appointment for the Awakening Society. For twenty years she’s done her part to shape the young men of Savannah into lovers any Southern woman would want. But her teaching has come to an end. Unable to continue the line, she plans to ‘retire’ from the Society, after one last Awakening.

To Harrison Walker, the appointment with the statuesque brunette is everything he could ever hope for. Tonya is going to instruct him in the art of making love, and she promises to teach him anything he wants. But when his emotions get involved, will he be able to walk away the next day?

And will she be able to let him?

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