Untying His Not


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Brock Lowell is discontent, even though he’s at a point in his life when he should be thriving. After a recent heart attack, his father has given him control of the Blue Star Ranch, just like he’s always wanted. It has to be wedding-perfect within a few months for his brother’s nuptials. He has the power to implement the programs he’s wanted to for so long.

But the entire process only serves to remind him how alone he is.

It would be even better if he had someone to share the journey with.

Payton Hanniford has it bad for Brock Lowell. She always has. But he’s always looked at her as his sister’s best friend, meaning off-limits. Drastic measures might need to be taken to change his perception of her.

But maybe the romance in the air will work in her favor…

Untying His Not

Fast Facts

Series: The Lowells of Honeywell, Texas

Publisher: J.M. Madden

Genre: Military Romance/ western

Length: 204 pages





Lost and Found Series

Silver Star Series

The Awakening Society Series

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