Remember that secret project I couldn’t talk about? Well, I can now.

Uniform Desires is a fabulous military themed anthology ON PRE-ORDER NOW that will be releasing on Veteran’s Day, November 11th. Six wonderful authors have created brand new content for the anthology and I’m super excited for its release. Check it out. My book is titled Her Forever Hero, and may be the start of a new series, the Vail branch of Lost And Found. Here’s the blurb-

Kendall Herrington is drawn to her handsome new security guard, prosthetic hand and all. The man is totally wrong for her, but on a lonely Christmas night, in a wine-laden effort to get him out of her system, she gives into her body’s demands. She regrets her actions almost immediately and tries to distance herself.

Former Marine Grafton Parks knows Kendall Herrington is pregnant, she’s just too stubborn to admit it to herself. But the luscious woman better come to her senses soon, because the board won’t allow an unwed, pregnant female to run the multi-billion dollar Herrington Limited. Even if she is the boss’s daughter.

As they struggle to come to terms with each other, an unexpected danger threatens their very lives. Will they survive long enough for him to be…Her Forever Hero?

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