wetdream-200I received another great review for Wet Dream this week, and I have to tell you how very satisfying it is. When you work on something for weeks, tweeking and tidying, and throw it out into the world, it’s like you throw a piece of you out there. To be judged or condemned, ridiculed or possibly, hopefully loved. It’s a very tense experience when you see an email or notification from a review site with your name on it. For a heartbeat of time, you don’t want to open it. If it’s bad news, and you don’t read it, you won’t technically know about it, right? But you have to. You have to know what that person had to say about your baby. When the review is bad, or even luke warm, it hurts your heart. I’ve never gotten a terrible review, but I live in fear of the day I do.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the Good review I just received from Romancing The Book. Here’s part of it: I enjoyed every one of these twenty-four pages, and if you’ve read my reviews you know that’s saying a lot. Usually with pieces this short the reader is left feeling like something was neglected or left out. This is not the case with Wet Dream. Ms. Madden managed to weave an intriguing, touching and at times humorous tale together with molten lava loving to create a page turner. If you haven’t read this one yet, I suggest you go pick it up and allow yourself a mini break to be swept away into a different world.

 Thank You Shyla.

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