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Tonya melted onto him, shuddering, her breasts pressing tight to his chest and her breath puffing against his neck. Her long, dark hair blanketed him. Wrapping his arms around her, he levered himself over until he was the one on top. The position felt natural. Instinctive. He leaned down to press his lips to hers. Tonya wrapped her arms around him and angled her head for his kiss, giving every indication she enjoyed what he was doing.

“Is this okay?” he whispered, nibbling down her jaw.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed. “This time is completely you, Harrison.”

Pulling away from her body, he sat back on his heels to look down at her. Her dark lipstick was gone. Her hair wasn’t as sleek as before, but she was more beautiful to him than anything he’d ever seen. Reaching out with both hands, he cupped her breasts, playing with the dark tan nipples. “Is it too soon to start again?”

She shook her head against the bed and watched him. Raising her arms above her head, she clutched the scrolled metal headboard, bringing her breasts up higher. Even though he should have been tired, his cock started to swell with excitement. Unable to resist, he angled forward wrapping his mouth around her left nipple, making it tighten like it did when she’d leaned over to tie him down. A shiver coursed through her as he shifted to the other side, doing the same. It was thrilling that he, a scrawny kid with so little experience, could make her body respond that way. Pulling back, he ran his hands down her sides, across the flesh of her hips, and down to grip her knees in his hands. Pressing out, he spread her wide.

His cum trickled down her ass cheeks to dampen the sheets beneath her. He couldn’t resist running his fingers through the moisture and along her body, exploring. It was fascinating and carnal; the very opposite of how he had been taught to behave. Gently, he searched out her clit with the tip of his thumb, gliding in slow circles the way she had done. Within seconds, her hips were pulsing in time with his movements and she was whispering directions.

“Yes, just like that. Faster, Harrison, faster.”

Shifting slightly, he slipped the middle finger of his opposite hand into her cunt, learning by feel what made her react.

“Oh, yes Harrison,” she moaned. “Now turn your hand palm up, and run your finger along the forward wall.

There’s a tiny little rough spot there, and it is super sensitive. That’s the G-spot. Oh, yes, oh God, keep doing that.”

His cock was rock hard again, but there was no way he was doing anything until he got her off. Flexing his fingers, he worked that spot and made circles around her clit. Subtle adjustments provoked wild reactions in her body. When she started breathing faster, he knew he was on the right track.

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This novella contains explicit content. Not for readers under 18.

The Awakening Society

Tonya Hughes is bittersweet about her last appointment for the Awakening Society. For twenty years she’s done her part to shape the young men of Savannah into lovers any Southern woman would want. But her teaching has come to an end. Unable to continue the line, she plans to ‘retire’ from the Society, after one last Awakening.

To Harrison Walker, the appointment with the statuesque brunette is everything he could ever hope for. Tonya is going to instruct him in the art of making love, and she promises to teach him anything he wants. But when his emotions get involved, will he be able to walk away the next day?

And will she be able to let him?

Tempt Me

Becoming pregnant when she ‘Awakens’ Harrison Walker for the Society, Tonya Hughes is in a serious predicament. She’s overjoyed about the pregnancy itself, especially since doctors told her it would be impossible for her to ever conceive. But Harrison is way too young to be a father, and his family is outraged by the possible social ramifications. So, they do what they think is best and hide the pregnancy from him.

Harrison Walker is in love with Tonya Hughes, and livid when he realizes he’s been deceived about the existence of his own child. Yes, he’s young, but he can’t do anything about that. What he can do is fight to prove to Tonya he can be part of a healthy, loving relationship even at his age.

But will Tonya be able to trust the man he’s determined to grow into?

Fast Facts

Series: The Awakening Society Box Set

Publisher: J.M. Madden

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Length: 87 pages



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The Awakening Society

Tempt Me

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