Urban Moon is OUT!!!!!


The anthology Urban Moon is out, with my contribution of Burning Moonlight. It’s the first Urban Fantasy I’ve ever written, but it definitely won’t be the last! I had a blast doing it, and the people at Bonaparte Press are phenomenal! The other authors in the anthology are Ceci Dahl, Rina Josephe and Ava Chandler, three up and coming new writers.

We’re at Amazon here.

Anything goes under an Urban Moon.

Wrena, a Retriever, is hired to bring home a wayward princess while working with J’Har, a Fallen Shirwa. J’Har is a warrior both revered and shunned by her people. Both must complete the task while fighting off their growing attraction in Burning Moonlight by J.M. Madden.

Dmitri, a computer specialist, is good at finding hidden things. This time, he’s found a girl in the most unlikely of places. But that’s not all that’s strange in Rocky Top. Before he knows it he’s neck deep in trouble, and needing a rescue from reluctant heroine Thea Duffy, in Secret Muse by Ceci Dahl.

Riyad, a vampire prince, is imprisoned by Pyre Hunters, tortured and left for dead. Keeper 44 is being tested and is assigned to save him. Until they uncover a deadly secret powerful enough to bring down both their races in Midnight Pyre by Rina Josephe.

Merik Larson is a Watcher, a cool and efficient soldier. He must balance the ruthless power of the Assembly with his growing passion for the empathic Sonia Vierra. Who will win in Watcher’s Sacrifice by Ava Chandler?

Candy in my e-mail- 2 new covers!


So, the urban fantasy I wrote for the anthology at Bonaparte Press will be out soon, and this is the cover.Mine is titled Burning Moonlight, and it’s different that what I normally write, but I enjoyed doing it. I think this girl’s damn hot, and so like my heroine Wrena! Very Underworld-esque.




I submitted a story to Decadent for their 1NS Series, and it was accepted as well! It’s a phenomenal series, so well-written, and I’m so freakin’ jazzed right now. The story, titled Wet Dream (I know, ornery, huh?) won’t be out until the latter part of the summer. Decadent does their process a little different though, so I already have my cover! Yahoo! Dara England rocks!


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