Baby It’s Cold Outside….

This is so appropriate right now, because the thermometer on my phone says it is 13 degrees outside and dropping. Kentucky gets cold, but not normally this cold. Next week we’re supposed to be in the negative at night! BRRR…..

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Luckily for me, I’m writing a couple of hot scenes. The following is from an untitled story related to my Lost and Found series.

They made it through dinner,
packed up the few leftovers and left. Flynn felt like a schmutz, ruining their
date the way he had.
“I’m sorry,” he told her, holding
the truck door open for her.
She glanced at him and frowned.
“I’m not. I had a lovely dinner with you.”
Flynn leaned between the door and
the frame, needing to explain.
“Crowds mean danger to me.” He flicked
his gaze back to the restaurant. “There were twenty-three people in there,
possibly too many for me to take on alone.” He couldn’t help but grin. “But I
would have done my best.”
Willow laughed at his bravado and
reached out to hold his cheek. Flynn forced himself to stand, unmoving, as she
caressed the bristly beard down to his chin, and he felt obligated to be blunt.
“I’m not a regular guy, Willow. I can’t take you out dancing or to a county fair
without planning exit strategies and collateral damage. I’ve been stateside for
three years now, but I still live as if I’m in a warzone. To some extent, I
probably always will. I don’t know that anything will ever change that. And I
don’t know that that would be a good environment for you.”
She raised a brow at that.
“Do you see me pulling away? Cringing
at what you do?”
She waited for him to shake his
“Did I not give you the back-up
you needed for that situation?”
He stared at her, shaken that she
could understand the fear he did not want to give name to.
“Dancing is overrated,” she continued, “although we
may have to work on the county fair. That’s one thing I simply cannot miss. I
love animals more that people, so as long as you make an effort every once in a
while to get out, I think we’ll be fine.”
Leaning in, she pressed a soft
kiss to his lips.
Flynn felt like he was drowning;
in her scent, her taste and the emotion she stirred in him.
He opened his mouth to taste her,
and a visceral need erupted. It had been so long since he’d been with a woman,
but he didn’t even think that was it. It couldn’t be just any woman. Willow had been the one taunting him in his dreams for so long.
Saving him from himself.
She tasted of Italian herbs and
lemon. Angling his head, Flynn forced her mouth wider, needing to taste everything
she had. She met him move for move. Fingernails dug into his ribs, then
burrowed beneath his shirt to his skin. Flynn shuddered at the first intimate
touch he’d felt in years. Her hand moved across his ribs and brushed his pectorals.
He stepped closer, unable not to. One of her hands drifted down to his ass cheek and squeezed, and he hardened to the point of pain. Oh, hell…
The hairs on his neck rose, and he
realized how exposed he was, kissing her out here on the street. With a final,
lingering nibble, he pulled away. He scanned the surroundings, but didn’t see
any immediate threat. Circling the truck hood, he slid into the vehicle.
Willow had dragged the seatbelt
across her midsection, but still looked a little dazed. Flynn grinned at her
hazy expression. “Are you okay? You look a little flushed.”
She gave him a smack on the arm.
“Can I help it if I’m recovering from one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had?”
Flynn swallowed and looked at her,
trying to decide if she were bullshitting him or not. She looked totally
sincere. And aroused. The erection he’d been trying to tame renewed, making him
shift uncomfortably.
Willow leaned toward him with a satisfied
look on her face. “Yeah, I’m not the only one, am I?”
Grinning with her, he started the truck and shoved it into gear.

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