Sleeper SEALs

The Sleeper SEALs Series is a multi-author branded series, which launched on 9/5/17.  The standalone books will release every two weeks through 2/20/18 to keep your e-readers smoking.

This is a different kind of SEAL series, as all of our guys have left the teams for one reason or another and are now civilians.  They are stateside in different careers, but have agreed to be available for special call up missions by retired Navy Commander Greg Lambert, who heads a new top secret CIA counter-terrorism division.

Each of the books may be read as a standalone.

My book, Flat Line, is the last, due to release 2-20-18. Here’s the blurb and cover!

Former Navy SEAL Parker Quinn is restless and depressed since he was forced to leave the Teams after his devastating injury. Working at the Lost and Found Investigative Service, finding a purpose, has made a difference in his confidence. He understands his purpose has changed, and physically he’s not the man he used to be, but the need to serve still pounds through his blood.

When his former commander calls with a supposedly simple covert surveillance case, he’s all over it. Until he discovers the surveil-ee is none other than lawyer Andromeda Pierce, a woman who destroyed his heart more than any sniper bullet ever could.

Andromeda is defending a very dangerous man, with even more dangerous terrorist connections. When those connections decide to take her out because she knows too much, Parker rides to the rescue, taking a bullet in the process.

Now they’re on the run, trying to find a missing witness and fighting their attraction the entire way.

Will she give him a second chance to be the man she wanted, or will she leave his heart flat-line?

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