I was invited to be a part of an anthology a few months ago with an incredible group of authors. Gennita Low, Stephanie Tyler, Marliss Melton, Sharon Hamilton, Teresa Reasor, Delilah Devlin, Elle James and myself. The caveat being, the story had to be Navy SEAL related. Well, I generally write Marines. I have a couple of Navy men in the LNF group, but it wasn’t time for their stories yet. So I had to come up with a completely new character.

I’ve been wanting to write about a K9 for a long time and I thought this was the perfect time. I knew the heroine before I even wrote her name, and Flynn followed soon behind. The situation was something very dear to my heart.

I am an animal lover. If I could go back 20 years, I would have been a veterinarian. (And then a romance novelist! lol) Instead, I went into law enforcement, and I did enjoy it very much. I thought about being a K9 officer at the department, but at that time all the slots were full.

I loved writing SEAL’s Lost Dream and I hope you love reading it just as much! It is LIVE now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The rest of the links will be listed as they go live.

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