So, in 2015 I promised myself that 2016 would involve less travel and more writing. Well, you know that saying about best-laid plans…

I have several super secret projects on my list that I can’t talk about (although you will absolutely love them, just fyi!), but there are several highlights that I CAN tell you about.

  • Rachel is going to be expanded and released. Hopefully this January.
  • Duncan is being worked on as we speak. Projected release date? I’m going to say as soon as possible. I would like to say May or June. But I have a couple of projects that I HAVE to release before his.
  • I have a Kindle World book releasing January 26th in Cat Johnson’s World, where you’ll get to meet Zero and Izzy.

As for traveling, well, here is my current list. If you are in the area and CAN NOT attend the event, please send me a note or message. Maybe we can get together for a coffee or something!

  • February 27th I have a local signing at Midway College for Woodford Country Library. You can find the details here:
  • March 18-20th I’ll be in Biloxi, MS for the Booking in Biloxi Event at the IP Casino! Here’s the FB page-
  • April 12-17 I’ll be at the Rio in Las Vegas for the Romantic Times Convention!
  • May 13-15 Nashville, TN I’ll be there for the Weekend With the Authors event.
  • June 10-12 I’ll be in West Chester, Ohio for the Lori Foster Event.
  • In September I’ll be at the Novelist Inc Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is an industry conference. But I will be available to readers in the area!
  • November 4-5 I’ll be in Huntington, WV for the Rebels and Readers Conference.

Jeez! See what I mean? And there may be a couple of other smaller events thrown in later. I truly hope to see you at one of these!

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