The Lowells of Honeywell, Texas

When I wrote Chad’s siblings into Embattled Home, I loved them enough to want to find a story for them. I knew Brock wasn’t as much of an ass as he pretended to be and that Cheyenne was more amazing than anyone knew. And Emily, well, she was a hidden story. I truly look forward to exploring these characters. I hope you do as well!

The books below are the books DIRECTLY IN THE SERIES LINE.

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Forget Me Not

(Chad and Lora)

Prequel – Book 0.5

Untying His Not

(Brock and Payton)

Book 1

Naughty By Nature

(Sheridan and Cheyenne)

Book 2

Trying the Knot

(Jackson and Emily)

Book 3

If you would like to read Chad and Lora’s original book, Embattled Home, click on the cover!

(Chad and Lora)