When I agreed to participate in the Hot Alpha SEALs Mega-set, we had a very clear goal of hitting the big lists. I worked my ass of on Unbreakable SEAL, hauling my computer to restaurants while the kids went to movies, taking it to family get-togethers then staying inside typing. I’m sure the family thought I was coo-coo for Cocopops. But I got it done under deadline.

Then came the day to upload it and Amazon announced the Kindle Unlimited service. Our rankings completely went to hell. Yes, I knew we had sold books on pre-order, but our rankings did not move. For almost a day. And when it did move, it wasn’t by very much. Then B&N announced they were upgrading something or other and they STOPPED REPORTING SALES! ACK!!! For FOUR days!

All of us were disappointed. Through no fault of our own, our dreams were fading away. We thought maybe we would hit USA, but that was unlikely.

Then we started hearing whispers. Another group had hit as well and we thought maybe, maybe, we had too. I totally did not believe it, though, until I saw it in print for myself. I won’t lie, I cried. The kids thought I was crazy. When I explained to them that I had done something so crazy and awesome it was like going to Disneyworld every day for a year, they finally got it. We all shared some tears. It was kind of surreal because before that afternoon/evening, I had been excited about showing hubby some new furniture…yeah, that got quickly forgotten.

So, here they are. We hit #18 on the New York Times ebook list, and #23 combined print and ebook list. And we hit #44 on the USA Today. To all the readers out there that bought the set just for my book, a million thank-yous. I can not explain to you how precious this is to me professionally.

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