Her Forever Hero



She was about to spew.

Grif watched uptight and luscious Kendall Herrington try to control her nausea in the midst of the board meeting around her. She had done pretty well for the last few minutes, but he’d memorized every expression on her cool, smooth face, and knew she had about reached her breaking point.

Now, the conundrum was, did he help her out by interrupting this volatile meeting so that she didn’t have to? He could slip up behind her, whisper into the delicate curve of her ear some falsely important message and escort her out of the room. It would look legitimate and would save her image. She could step into her office, use her private bathroom and these stuffed shirts would be none the wiser.

Her full lips compressed and her pale eyes glazed over as the man to her right tried to hammer home his point.

No more time.

Stepping forward, deliberately in front of the shark beside her, he leaned down into her space. Her wide green eyes fluttered shut as he whispered into her ear, “You should probably step out before you compromise yourself.”

Her eyes opened and she gave him a sharp look, but nodded her head. Pushing to her feet, she addressed the table. “Gentlemen, excuse me for a moment please. I have an issue I need to deal with.”

A couple of them shook their heads, as if they couldn’t believe there was anything of more importance than what they were talking about. Her father shot her a look, both concerned and aggravated, but nodded her away.

As she walked the length of the table to the opposite end of the room, Grif hoped he was the only one who noticed how shaky she was on her too-tall boots. As soon as the door closed behind them, he gripped her elbow in his hand to help her down the hallway, but she pulled away. “I’m fine, just a little nauseous.

Must have been something I ate.”

Right. Something you ate. Or was it something you screwed? The woman had to be delirious if she didn’t realize she was pregnant.

The staff at Herrington Limited were bustling, knowing that every major stockholder in the company sat in the boardroom just a few feet away for the quarterly meeting. Nobody said a word to the boss’s daughter as she headed purposefully down the hallway to her office. Grif fell in a step behind her, eyes roving over everything yet focused on her. Kendall’s secretary was not at her desk when they walked in, so she crossed to her office. As soon as she made it inside, she all but ran to the private bathroom, slamming the heavy oak door shut behind her. Grif let her have her privacy, though it hurt him to hear her retching inside. Her phone started to ring, but he let voicemail grab it, moving to stand at the wide windows across the way.

Snow swirled outside, calling for him to come out and play. With the way things were going in the boardroom, though, he’d be here for several more hours before he would be able to relax.

And did he really have the right to play if Kendall was pregnant?

The toilet flushed in the bathroom and he heard water running into the sink. She would walk out of that bathroom beautiful and as put together as always, as if the last ten minutes had never happened. It was one of the things he admired about her, that iron spirit.

It was also one of the things he hated.

Vail was one of the most beautiful cities in the country, maybe even the world, and she wouldn’t even look out the window. If it didn’t have a spreadsheet or prospectus attached to it, she wouldn’t give it a glance. The door opened and she stepped out.

Grif couldn’t even tell she’d been sick; the only indication a slight narrowing of her pale eyes. Her long, blond hair had been wrapped into a damn knot low on her neck, away from her face. He hated those things, because it was the only way he’d seen her wear her hair here. Only once had he ever seen it down. It had hung in a mess of unbelievable curls almost down to her waist.

The knots she tamed her hair into did highlight the perfection of her bone structure. Women spent millions chasing the high cheekboned, lean-jawed, full-lipped look Kendall had made her career from, but didn’t appreciate. She had been a runway model in every country of the world, but her passion was the family business. Real estate. And timber.

He shook his head.

“Something wrong, Mr. Parks?”

Her cool whiskey voice broke into his thoughts and brought his gaze to hers. She stared at him, as if daring him to bring up the incident in the bathroom. “No, ma’am. Glad to see you looking more like yourself.”

Her eyes flickered and looked away. She smoothed her elegant hands over the sleek column of her black slacks, adjusting the fit, and took a deep breath. “Well, then, we’ve wasted enough time. Let’s get back to it.”

Grif almost laughed out loud. The way she said the words it sounded like she’d left the meeting and puked her guts out to appease a whim of his.


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NOTE: This is a previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed.

This novella was previously published in the Uniform Desires Anthology.

Kendall Herrington is drawn to her handsome new security guard, prosthetic hand and all. The man is totally wrong for her, but on a lonely Christmas night, in a wine-laden effort to get him out of her system, she gives into her body’s demands. She regrets her actions almost immediately and tries to distance herself.

Former Marine Grafton Parks knows Kendall Herrington is pregnant, she’s just too stubborn to admit it to herself. But the luscious woman better come to her senses soon, because the board won’t allow an unwed, pregnant female to run the multi-billion dollar Herrington Limited. Even if she is the boss’s daughter.

As they struggle to come to terms with each other, an unexpected danger threatens their very lives. Will they survive long enough for him to be…Her Forever Hero?

Fast Facts

Series: Lost and Found, Book 3.5

Publisher: J.M. Madden

Genre: Military Romantic Suspense

Length: 113 pages



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