Formatting Services For Indie Writers


I personally use Paul at BBebooks. He is fabulous and truly does wonderful work. I tell him to make it pretty and he does. Beyond what I could imagine. He does everything from short stories to print files to multi-author anthologies. Very affordable!

I have not used any of these, but I wasn’t sure what I would need when I started to self-pub. You will also find a lot of cross-over. Many editors will also offer formatting services.

Ironhorse Formatting – I’ve heard from friends that Lee is fantastic!

If you’re interested in trying to format yourself, this has a huge amount of info in it.

Bella Media Management –  Carol Webb- also does covers

Steena Holmes at the Authors Red Room.  Also, on the right hand side are more listings for service providers.

Jessica Lewis

Ted Risk- Dellaster Design

Ebook Conversion & Publishing Services

Jim & Zetta  – He does CS formatting and conversion for $1 per 1,000 words.

Basic Smashwords formatting blog- Official Website of David Dalglish

Also, check out the World Lit Cafe and go to the forums area. Service providers list themselves there.

Danielle Benson

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