Embattled Seal



“Harper, do you hear me?”

He nodded his sore head, mute, shocked that she’d cared enough to come. Emotion rolled through him and he tried to open his eyes, but something obscured his vision. He tried to lift his arms again, but weakness dragged at his body. Cat leaned over him and he felt her breath brush his right ear. “Just stay still, Harper, and we’ll explain everything. The nurse is here now and we’ll try to get this tube out of your throat.”

Every protective instinct he had urged him to get up off the bed and snatch up his weapon to control the area, but he couldn’t even lift his hand. This was such a clusterfuck.

A different woman’s voice came to him from the opposite side of the hospital bed, urging him to relax. Honestly, he tried, but when she moved slower than molasses he began to go insane. Panic began to eat at his control and he clutched the edge of the mattress. The nurse unstrapped the mouthpiece from around his head and he could contain himself no longer. Knocking her hand away, he dragged the tube from his throat and threw it aside.

Cat yelled out to try to stop him, but he was beyond her calming influence. As he gagged and rolled to his side to cough, he got a sense of how much he’d fucked up. The pain radiating through his gut from the coughing made the nausea roll and he started to retch. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, there was nothing in his stomach to puke up, so he just heaved in pain. That heaving made his eyes throb, sending agony through his head. For a solid three minutes he was in the purest hell he could ever imagine.

Cat cradled him to her, making sure he didn’t roll completely out of the bed and rubbed her hand across his back. When his spasms began to ease, she wiped his face with a wet washcloth and helped him lay back on the bed. Harper boiled with frustrated anger. He’d been hurt before, but never like this.

“What the hell happened?”

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When Harper Preston finds himself flat in a hospital bed after a botched op, he’s okay with dealing with the fallout. If he dies, he’s lived well past his expiration date. The only people that will notice his passing are the guys he works with at Lost and Found Investigative Service.

Then his estranged wife arrives.

Cat Preston is thankful and horrified when she’s called to her husband’s side. He’s been shot. Again. But now that she’s found him she’s going to make the most of the opportunity. If it were up to Harper, she would be out of his life completely because he thinks it’s the best thing for the family.

With a little SEAL abduction (for his own good of course) maybe she can convince him otherwise…

Fast Facts

Series: Lost and Found, Book 4

Publisher: J.M. Madden

Genre: Military Romantic Suspense

Length: 129 pages

ISBN-10: 098622844

ISBN-13: 978-0986222849



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Silver Star Series

The Awakening Society Series

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