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CATALYST Release Sale!

I am so incredibly excited for the release of Catalyst! This has been a trying time in our country, I am very aware of that, so I wanted to let you have a chance to pick up the first 5 books of the Lost and Found Series, and the first 4 books of the Dogs of War Series at a discounted price. This week the books will be marked down as much as 4$ each, with several free!

CATALYST is also only $3.99 for the week or preorder and release week! I normally release at $4.99, so take advantage of this!

Please, enjoy the books and tell your friends to download them, because I may just be your next favorite author! (Read the reviews!)

Be sure to look at the DATES! Some of the sales are staggered and don’t start until 5-20!

The Embattled Road– FREE- 5-20 to 5-25

Embattled Hearts– FREE- 5-20 to 5-25

Embattled Minds– $.99- 5-20 to 5-27

Embattled Home– $1.99- 5-20 to 5-27

Embattled SEAL– $1.99- 5-20 to 5-27

Embattled Ever After- $1.99- 5-20 to 5-27 

Genesis– FREE- 05-19 to 5-23

Chaos– $.99- 05-20 to 5-27

Destruction– $1.99- 5-20 to 5-27

Retribution– $2.99- 5-20 to 5-27

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