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I know a lot of you have been waiting for Diego’s book, and it’s now up for preorder. Here’s the AMAZON link and I will list more as I get them.

And here’s a fresh excerpt as well!

A delicate finger stroked down his ear again and flicked the diamond stud. He glanced back at her, wondering if she was trying to knock him off balance.

“How long have you had an earring?”

His mouth twitched. “Well, I had one when I was a kid. The hole never sealed over. Once I got out of the Marines I started wearing it again.” He shrugged a little. “Kind of balances out the patch.”

Lilly grinned at him, resting her hand on his shoulder. “It does,” she agreed. “It’s very sexy.”

That hadn’t been what he’d meant.

She squeezed his shoulder, then slid her fingers up to the collar of his jacket. She stroked his hair, her sharp fingernails dragging lightly over his skin. Diego narrowed his eye at her, wondering what she was playing at. Chills chased across his shoulders. “You’re playing with fire, little girl.”

One sleek brow lifted and she gave him a mischievous look. “Little girl? Is that how you see me? I assure you I’m not.”

Those damnable fingers reached forward and dragged a line of fire along his jawline. Diego could hear the rasp of her nails along the short growth of his beard. “Lilly, I’m not sure what you think you’re doing, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“I’m trying to get to know you. Getting to know the feel of you. I thought now was a perfect time. You can’t take your hands off the wheel and you can’t walk away like you normally do.”


“Sh…” she whispered.

If they weren’t on a schedule, he would whip the car to the side of the road and kiss her like he’d been dreaming about. Instead, he kept the car steady and let her touch him. Honestly, it felt better than anything he’d ever felt before. All she did was run her fingers through his hair, down his neck and across his shoulders, but it was something he wasn’t used to feeling. It had been a long time since he’d been with a woman, and an even longer time since he’d been in an actual relationship. Then she leaned forward a little more and suddenly her fingers were inside the collar of his shirt, moving around toward his chest. Diego felt his heart skip a beat and his hands twitched on the wheel. When he glanced into the mirror to see if Lilly had noticed, she was staring back at him, grinning. There was a light in her eyes that told him she was taking great delight in rattling him.

Diego tightened his fists on the steering wheel, arousal contracting every muscle in his body. Lilly Carmichael needed to be put in her place, but he was not in a position to do it just then.

Embattled Hearts is Live!

The second book in my Lost And Found series is live now. Check it out.


The business was doing great, but he couldn’t help but be resentful that he was not part of the detectives out on the street. Looking down at his worthless legs, he was once again swamped with anger. As a Marine, it had been standard practice to run for five or ten miles a day. Now he was lucky if he could get his thigh to twitch on command. It was historic if he could get a hard-on.

Although, he thought with a slight smile, it was happening more and more often when Shannon was in the room.

The first time he’d met her, more than six months ago now, she and Mrs. Harrison had been kneeling on the floor going through files. Shannon had straightened and arched her back to work out the kinks. She’d been wearing a cute little pink outfit thing that clung to her lush curves, but she’d kicked off her high heels. The lust that had fired through his veins caught him totally off guard. For the first time in six years, he’d gotten excited looking at woman’s ass. Her legs were bare beneath the skirt. He sat stunned, soaking up her subtle beauty and the exhilaration of being turned on.

The women hadn’t seen him yet, so he cataloged everything he could about Shannon Murphy. Mrs. Harrison had said Shannon was extremely intelligent and would be a wonderful office manager, but she had not told them how exceedingly beautiful Shannon was, with her petite little shape and curly, dark chocolate-colored hair laying gently on her shoulders. Shannon was a good bit smaller than the older woman beside her, but curvy, and had a husky laugh that gave him chills. His own lips curled up in shared humor, even though he had no idea what she laughed at. Without conscious thought, he pushed his chair forward to get their attention.

Mrs. Harrison noticed him first, and pushed herself to her feet, then urged Shannon to join her. John barely heard the introduction as his eyes took in the details of her face. In honest fact, she was not classically beautiful. Actually, “cute” would more likely be applied to her mobile features and wide-set hazel eyes. Her broad smile started with up-tilted lips on one side, then spread to encompass her whole mouth.

He held out his hand and was entranced as she pumped energetically. Without blinking, he watched for any hint that the chair or his disability bothered her, but she seemed almost oblivious to the fact that he could not stand up to shake her hand. For the first time in longer than he could remember, he had met a person that not by word or deed made him feel like less than a man.

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A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

John Palmer hasn’t felt like a real man since he was injured during combat in Iraq. Though not content with his new life, he is mostly adapting, just like the other vets at the Lost ‘N’ Found Investigative Service. When Shannon Murphy is hired on as the new office manager, life suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Before long, John finds himself wondering if he could ever be the kind of man Shannon needs.

Shannon Murphy wasn’t really looking for love when she hired on at LNF, but finds herself hopelessly attracted to the sex-on-wheels former Marine, John Palmer. The man is grumpy and nearly impossible to work with, but his brand of masculinity appeals to her on a basic level. Soon Shannon is wondering just what it would take for John to want her the way she wants him.

When an old enemy tries to settle a vendetta against Shannon, John insists on protecting her. He moves into her house, fanning the spark of attraction into a blaze. But the danger continues to escalate. Will the connection that they’ve found survive when they’re thrust into a fight for their lives?

The Embattled Road is LIVE!!!

My wounded veteran series is taking shape now, and a good friend advised me that I should have a prequel to explain where the men came from and how they formed the partnership of LNF Investigative Services. This is the prequel. It’s only about 20,000 words but you get a good idea of some of the trials they’ve gone through in the process of creating an all-vet detective service.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


Duncan jerked awake, then realized all he did was open his eyes. Reality smacked him in the face as he focused on the beige tile floor. Yep. Still at Walter Reed. Landstuhl Hospital’s floor had been pale blue with darker flecks in it. He remembered that much. Somebody had turned the page of the automotive magazine for him, but he was still strung up like a marionette, arms stretched out to his sides, in the medical contraption immobilizing his spine and protecting his burns. The mattress beneath him was hard. After three weeks in the same position, you’d think he’d remember. But no. Every time he woke up, he wondered why God hadn’t just killed him and gotten it over with. At least then the pain would end.

One of the nurses squeaked her way into the room. Pink rubber Crocs stopped beside his bed. What was her name? Lacey? Or Lainy? Something like that. He glanced into the edge of the mirror not covered by the magazine. She smiled at him, that professional nurse smile meant to conceal how very desperate his situation actually was.

“How do you feel today, First Sergeant?”

He rocked his head as much as he could and closed his eyes. If she was going to ask stupid questions like that he wasn’t going to answer her. She circled the bed and he felt her tug at the sheet over his burnt back. “How is your pain right now?”

He sighed. She wouldn’t leave until he answered her. “About a seven.”

She hummed under her breath and moved to the IV stand, adjusting something there. Within seconds he felt a blessed wash of numbing heat roll through his body. Seemed like the only thing that made him happy anymore was morphine. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep his life away.

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In the harrowing prequel to The Lost and Found Series, three embattled Marines must deal with their devastating physical and emotional injuries in a world that seems to have turned against them.

When the rescue helicopter crashes into his convoy in Iraq, Marine First Sergeant Duncan Wilde struggles with the loss of men, his career and the use of his body. Things can’t get much worse. Until his fiancée decides she has to move on with her life, and that of her unborn child by another man.

Sergeant Chad Lowell knew when he went to war that it would come with a price. And it did. A young Marine under his command is killed by a landmine. Chad’s left with one less leg and a mountain of recriminations. That doesn’t mean he wants to be a pitied by every female he comes in contact with.

Gunnery Sergeant John Palmer is furious at the hand he’s been dealt. He’s served his country faithfully, if not without antagonism, for many years. Now they’re turning him out like a relative who has overstayed his welcome. And, since he’s not even a real man anymore, maybe it is time to move on permanently.

Can these wounded warriors use a friendship borne out of adversity to form a partnership rescuing others? And can they find real love in spite of their challenges?

Love on the Line is Live!!!

Ok, this is the third release in three months, and I’m just a bit tired. But I’m happy with this short. There will be a second one coming as well, if I can catch my breath and get my thoughts in order.


He curled his palms over the armrests and forced his gaze out the window and away from her tempting shape. She wouldn’t appreciate an old guy like him ogling her, considering how rough he looked right now. For a solid week, he’d been chasing a bail jumper, moving at all hours of the day and night to track the fugitive down. His jaw ached with a bruise from the man’s fist and itched with the beginnings of a beard, and his hair stuck up from his head, a mess from catching up on sleep on the hard lower bunk.

The intercom droned in the hallway. Though he couldn’t make out the words, he knew the train was preparing to depart. Beneath him, the vibration of the diesel began to build. He opened his mouth to tell the girl to hang on when the train lurched into motion. Staggering, she tried to maintain her balance but tripped on the bag at her feet. She splayed her arms to break her fall. He snagged her wrist, and with a strategic tug and twist, her butt landed square in his lap. If he’d been any less strong, the maneuver wouldn’t have worked. He choked back a laugh as he remembered his earlier thoughts. Thank you, Madam Fate.

Unable to help himself, he gripped her tiny waist. My God, her ass is perfect. She twisted to peer over her shoulder at him. “They don’t give you much warning, do they?”

Those luminous eyes dropped to his lips, and the awareness that had rolled through his body seconds earlier exploded. It centered in his groin, hardening his cock to the point of pain. He thought she would be offended, but she didn’t move away. Anxious to leave her the option to move, he forced his hands open and rested them on the arms of the chair. “Didn’t mean to grab you.”

She shrugged her tanned shoulders, and he got a peek at a bright pink bra strap under the tank. “I don’t mind a little handling by a man.”

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Bail Bondsman Brady Frost tracked a bail jumper all the way to New York. It was a rough apprehension, and now he just wants a quiet train ride home to Florida. He’d hoped to avoid sharing his space, but when a tight little co-ed is assigned to his cabin, then propositions him, how can he say no?

Lorna McNight is ready to shake off her self-imposed sexual drought. For four years she devoted herself to attaining her degree, but she’s ready to bust loose in a graduation bash for the record books. Rugged, mature Brady appeals to her more than any of the boys she went to school with, and she wants him to give her the ride of her life on the way to Florida. Will he cooperate and leave them both with a rail tale to remember?

Overload!!! Tempt Me just released!

I know I just announced A Needful Heart being released, but I have another to let you know about.

Tempt Me is the second book of The Awakening Society. In book 1, I left readers with a happy-for-now ending and I requested that they come here to the site and take the poll below. I asked them where they envisioned book 2 going. The answers surprised me. I thought they would want a more traditional romance, which is what I started to write. But I eventually realized they wanted my H/h to go through hell before they got their happy ending. Which is fine. I think the more turmoil a book has the greater the satisfaction at the end when they finally do get their happy ending. So, though it’s a couple months late, Tempt me is out.


“I would like to know how you’ve been with the pregnancy. Have you been sick or anything?”

She laughed. “Like you wouldn’t believe. It’s not so bad now, but when I first realized something was wrong, I couldn’t keep anything down. It’s better now, but the weight is really starting to add on. And my feet and legs are feeling it.”

He continued to rub her legs, looking thoughtful. “What else? I’m looking for details,” he admitted.

Tonya snorted. “Okay. I have this disgusting craving for mayonnaise right now, even though it gives me the worst gas in the world.” She giggled, embarrassed that she’d told him, but he seemed to appreciate it. “I can spend hours at the park, watching little kids run around and trying to imagine what mine will look like.” He sent her a sharp look. “Ours. Sorry. I’m just used to thinking about everything on my own.”

”It won’t be just you now. It’ll be both of us, and eventually the baby.”

It had been just her for so long that the reassurance caught her off guard and tightened her throat with emotion.

“Thank you Harrison.” She waved at her leaky eyes. “This is something else that’s changed. I’m pretty good at being a hard-ass, but my emotions are just out of control right now. I cried for an hour the other day because the parking meter downtown wouldn’t take my change.”

“From what I’ve heard, that sounds pretty normal though, right?” His blue eyes squinted in a smile.

“I think so. The doctor said so anyway. It’s just disconcerting being out of control of your own body.”

His glance flicked to her chest. “I have to say, there do seem to be some advantages.”

Tonya laughed, appreciating the masculine mentality of always reverting to looks. “Yes, there are. My boobs have never been this big before. And they’ve never been so…” her voice trailed off as she realized what she almost said.

Harrison leaned into her further, and she knew from the intent look in his eyes he wasn’t going to let her stop there. “They’ve never been so, what? Sensitive? Needy?”

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Becoming pregnant when she ‘Awakens’ Harrison Walker for the Society, Tonya Hughes is in a serious predicament. She’s overjoyed about the pregnancy itself, especially since doctors told her it would be impossible for her to ever conceive. But Harrison is way too young to be a father, and his family is outraged by the possible social ramifications. So, they do what they think is best and hide the pregnancy from him.

Harrison Walker is in love with Tonya Hughes, and livid when he realizes he’s been deceived about the existence of his own child. Yes, he’s young, but he can’t do anything about that. What he can do is fight to prove to Tonya he can be part of a healthy, loving relationship even at his age.

But will Tonya be able to trust the man he’s determined to grow into?

AND, I’ll also let you know that Love on the Line will be out September 21st from Decadent publishing. It’s more erotic than romance, but in book 2 they even get some happy-ever-after. Here’s the cover for it:


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