So, Second Time Around has been out for about 2½  months now, and it’s finally sinking in that I am published. Working on edits right now for the Urban Fantasy  I have coming out in the spring, and finishing up several other projects. I’m going to be looking for a home for them soon.

Hope you like the revamped website. The other one was pretty, but too dark and too boring. I’ve added several new things, including an Eye Candy (?) Page that I love.

Saturday, I’m a busy girl. I’ll be in Lexington for the Pitch meeting we’re having in preparation of the Scott Eagan Workshop in March (info for that is also to the left). The Awesome Maddie James is teaching the class tomorrow, and if any of you are within driving distance give me a holler and I will give you directions.

Also saturday, I will be at Deena Remiels blog talking about some crazy happenings when I was a cop, and the inspiration for Second Time Around. Her link is to the right. I will be running around, but I will stop in to comment here and there.

Also, I have to give a shout-out to Sherry Cahill. She read my book and did a wonderful blog about it I only found out about later. It’s here.

As always, if you find anything wrong with the website, please let me know!

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